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Vincent Colonna D.M.D. | Smile Gallery in Colonia

Vincent Colonna D.M.D.

2014 Nominee Favorite Kids' Docs Awards in New Jersey Family Magazine by Moms

Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

602 Inman Avenue

Colonia, New Jersey 07067

*Located across the street from the Colonia Library

(732) 381-4650

Smile Gallery

Composite Bonding

teeth_pics_003.JPG  teeth_pics_004.JPG  teeth_pics_005.JPG

Composite Bonding
Our Patient Is a 15 year old girl missing the two lower permanent central incisors.

Our Patient Is a 15 year old girl missing the two lower permanent central incisors.

teeth_pics_007.JPG  teeth_pics_008.JPG

Using Composite Bonding, the baby teeth are enlarges and made to resemble the adjacent adult teeth.


Porcelain Veneers

teeth_pics_110.JPG  teeth_pics_111.JPG

This patient was unhappy with her smile. She wants the spaces closed between her teeth.

Six porcelain veneers on both the upper and lower anterior teeth were used to close the spaces, lengthen the teeth and beautify her smile.


teeth_pics_112.JPG  teeth_pics_113.JPG

This patient had several decayed and chipped teeth.

This smile was restored using porcelain fused to gold crowns.


teeth_pics_115.JPG  teeth_pics_117.JPG

This patient has undersized lateral incisor teeth called peg laterals.

Using porcelain veneers, these undersized teeth can be restored to normal adult tooth size.


teeth_pics_118.JPG  teeth_pics_119.JPG

A large fracture of the central incisor can be restored in a very natural and conserve remaining tooth structure.

Using Composite Bonding, we can restore this tooth to look very natural and conserve remaining tooth structure.


teeth_pics_126.JPG  teeth_pics_127.JPG

Two existing crowns show a dark metal at the gum line.

Using two all porcelain crowns, the dark metal band is eliminated and the teeth are restored to a natural appearance.


teeth_pics_128.JPG  teeth_pics_129.JPG

This patient was unhappy with this dark tooth and wanted a smile makeover.

Using a combination of porcelain veneers and porcelain crowns, a beautiful new smile was created.



teeth_pics_130.JPG  teeth_pics_131.JPG

This patient is unhappy with the crowding of the two central incisors.

Using all porcelain veneers, the crowding was eliminated.



teeth_pics_134.JPG  teeth_pics_135.JPG

The exisiting crowns were detracting from the patient’s smile. This patient required a smile makeover.

Using a combination of all porcelain crowns and porcelain veneers, this smile was greatly enhanced.


teeth_pics_137.JPG  teeth_pics_138.JPG

This patient was unhappy with his existing dentures. Facial proportions were incorrect as his nose and chin appeared too close together.

teeth_pics_139.JPG  teeth_pics_141.JPG

New upper and lower dentures enhance this patient’s smile and correct his facial proportions.



teeth_pics_143.JPG  teeth_pics_144.JPG

Using implants, we can markedly increase the retention of a lower denture.


Note retaining rings are built into the denture to stabilize and retain the lower denture.